Post Announcement Gala

zombie-pres-nixonFollowing my announcement yesterday of my candidacy for the office of President of the United States of America in the 2016 election, the members of the DCRS threw a festive gala in my honor. It was a star-studded event with dead politicians of all persuasions attending as well as excellent entertainment.


Pat and I at the Announcement Ceremony

sm-Zombie-ptbarnumFollowing the announcement ceremony we were whisked off to the grand hall for a receiving line and photo opportunity. I was introduced to the gathered throng by my campaign manager and chief advisor, the great P.T. Barnum. Phineas then unveiled our first campaign ad and our online campaign paraphernalia shop.

I gave a few remarks then joined Pat as we visited with some of the luminaries assembled (to the music of the great Duke Ellington).

charleton-hestonWhile visiting with Chuck Heston, he gave my campaign it’s first endorsement! Of course, Phineas immediately hauled him away to create a campaign graphic. Chuck and I sat down in a side parlor afterwards to discuss the current attck by the Obama administration on the 2nd amendment rights of America’s citizens. He agreed to be my advisor on this very important issue.

harry-bessHarry and Bess Truman attended and again displayed the elegance of America’s First Ladies and former Presidents. I am so very honored to have all of the best minds available to me for consultation.

norm-schwartzkopfThe entertainment switched around and the Glenn Miller band kept our toes tapping throughout the dinner. Postprandial, Pat and I circulated among the guests and I spent some time with General Norm Schwartzkopf, one of our newest arrivals. We discussed policy in the Middle-East and Israel in particular. Such a genuinely good man.

spiro-judyThe gala ended with a quick pep-rally and on the way out, Spiro and Judy stopped us and we chatted briefly (I think Spiro wants to be my running-mate again — NO WAY!).

PT had me working with him until the wee hours on more campaign ads and decisions on advisors and platform, which we will be unveiling over the coming months.

Remember to stop by Dead Dick’s Campaign Shop and browse the campaign items available there!


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