Comeback Announcement


That’s right! Even though my parting words were “You won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore”, I have decided, after long and contentious meetings with my advisors, to stage a comeback and be the first to formally announce I am seeking the Presidency in 2016.

I have been advised by my campaign manager and chief advisor, the Honorable P.T. Barnum (Deceased), that the 22nd Amendment does not apply to DEAD former Presidents. Our initial campaign slogan may be seen above: “A Zombie President for a Zombie nation”. We have created a Cafe-Press shop where you may purchase Vote Dead Dick in 2016 paraphernalia (in the sidebar at right on the main page or HERE).

We will be placing a poll in the sidebar of the main page here to solicit votes for potential running mates.

After all, if the majority of living voters decide to exist in a zombie mindset, why shouldn’t they have a zombie President?

Click the link above and get a “Vote for Dead Dick in 2016” T-Shirt to show your support for my campaign!


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