Obama’s Imperial Presidency 2.0

By Rob Janicki

Welcome to the real world of Barack Obama.  The end of Obama’s first term was contentious, combative and, if I may be so bold, somewhat crazy.  Obama’s inauguration speech was just the icing to the cake celebrating his lurching leftward march to his imperial presidency, part two.  Obama is now out to satisfy his inner most radical political being.  In essence Obama has come out and declared war, not on our enemies, but on the Republican Party.

Obama is, once again, in full campaign mode.  Not for himself directly, but to see to it that Democrats win back the House in the 2014 congressional elections.  Since Obama does not know how to lead the nation, he falls back on what, admittedly, he is good at and that is campaigning.  Obama likes campaigning.  Actually, he loves campaigning because he doesn’t have to do something he knows nothing about, which is leading the nation and actually having to do the mundane things such as retail politicking like Bill Clinton and Tip O’Neill of yesteryear and dealing with foreign leaders to preserve America’s presence on the world stage.

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6 thoughts on “Obama’s Imperial Presidency 2.0

    • Yep, I’m an asshole. Dupe you? In what way? Did I ask for money or to sleep with your wife? No and no.
      I simply operate a non-commercialized parody/satire/snark blog. Did you really think I was promoting myself as the actual re-animated corpse of our 37th President? As for your anger, is it perhaps misplaced? How have I caused you harm or monetary loss?
      BTW, why did you delete your tweet companion to this comment?
      Why are you upset about a blog that has had slightly more than 400 views (against over 500K for yours)? 38 Twitter followers against how many for you? Do you just believe in the 1st Amendment for those of whom you personally approve? Or for everyone?


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