Take Care of Yourself


We have had many discussions on this blog about the direction of the Republican Party and the political Right. I have come to the realization that it’s all an exercise in futility. The national Republican Party and large parts of the base refuse to adapt to today’s political environment. This is enabling the Democrat Party to set the stage for “one party rule” in America for years to come. In the meanwhile, the GOP is not a serious political party and have become nothing but apolitical joke that can not even go to the bathroom without assistance.

For the foreseeable future, we can expect low to no economic growth. Increasing deficits and debt that will lead to a lower standard of living. The Media-Entertainment Industrial complex will provide cover for the Progressive Regime and shield Americans from bad news. Any criticism of the regime will be met with swift and ruthless attacks. The Republican critics that will be featured are false flag operatives like Todd Akins or Rick Santorum, who will reinforce the negative views of the Republican Party. Organizing for America has created a turnout machine not seen in American politics. This will ensure Democrats have a virtually invincible political operation.

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