So You’ve Been Doxxed by Bill Schmalfeldt, What’s Next?

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If You Doxx Me I Will Become More Powerful Than You Can Imagine

“Bill Schmalfeldt is clearly a threat only to those who easily suffer lulz muscle cramps. ” — Dave Alexander

(If you don’t know who Bill Schmalfeldt is, well lucky you.  If you want to know more, I suggest you click here, here or here.  Or just google the guy’s name.)

Bill Schmalfeldt thinks that identifying the pseudonymous online commenters who write about him helps him.  Lately he’s been on a tear, identifying one commenter three times before finally clicking on their name and finding their blog.  He actually posted pictures of the wrong people and accused them of harassment.

My advice to anyone recently outed is below — look for the big bold font at the bottom of this page.

If you or I had anonymous folks talking about our lives, we’d wonder who they…

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We Interrupt This Blog’s Regularly Scheduled Posts

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To bring you the sounds of William Schmalfeldt falling all over his testicle feet in his attempts to figure out who Zombie Horde member “agiledog” is. It took him not one, not two or three, but FOUR tries to find someone who was actually standing out in the open. It takes a real genius to follow those breadcrumbs, you know.

Since Biwwwyy CROSSED HIS OWN LINE ABOUT BRINGING SPOUSES INTO THINGS and is insisting upon an apology from agiledog for his comments (that Biwwwyy had to seek out in order for them to offend him, rather than them being sent to him directly) in order to NOT include him in a lawsuit (Which one? There have been so many, and all either dismissed or withdrawn, all epic FAILS!) that he wants posted here on Billy Sez, at The Thinking Man’s Zombie AND at Hogewash, we decided to address the…

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Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

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I received this in my email inbox on Monday evening. I present it without comment.

To:, [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], [redacted]
Cc: WJJ Hoge <>,
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2015 20:28:40 -0400
Subject: Death Threats, Mocking My Recently Deceased Wife

Dear Sheriff DeWess, et al:

I have copied Mr. William John Joseph Hoge III of 20 Ridge Road, Westminster, in this communication.

He is allowing his blog, <[redacted]>, to be used as a vehicle to threaten me and to defame my wife.

The love of my life, Gail Maureen Schmalfeldt, died on June 17. She had sudden acute kidney failure. Hoge is letting his readers mock my grief and post pictures of my wife, in addition to making thinly veiled death threats.

I have never publicized this photo, so if I see it on anyone’s blog I will know Hoge is responsible.

[image redacted]

This was taken…

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Cannes: #Climategate Meets #Monicagate Meets #RepublicanWarOnWomen

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lewinskygoresplitThe Republican Party’s War on Women just went global, and warmist jetsetter Al Gore and Clinton, er, nobbist? Monica Lewinsky were two of the first to see it in action.


Monica Lewinsky was barred from sitting in a box with former US Vice-President Al Gore at an advertising festival in Cannes on Saturday.

Lewinksy had been invited to sit in the mayoral box for the VIPs at the Palais de Festivals on the last night of the festival. Instead of sitting in her seat in the box, the author of “Monica: Her Story” instead opted to sit with the main audience, according to the Guardian.
It remains unclear who is responsible for the changed seating arrangement as neither the organizers of Cannes Lions or Gore’s team could be reached for explanation.

Gore was in attendance to receive an honorary award, the LionHeart, which is presented to an individual who “through…

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Pray First and Go with Confidence

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Jesus intensified His ministry by giving the twelve disciples power and authority to drive out demons and to cure diseases. Now in Luke 10:1-24, He appoints seventy-two others to send out two by two ahead of Him to every town and place where He was about to go (v. 1). Jesus then tells them to pray first and then go in confidence and gives assurance that their work will result in great outcomes because of the power of the Father.

They followed the instructions of Jesus to go out and witness. They shared God’s truths and healed the sick. All power of the enemy was lost as reported by the returning seventy-two who came back with joy saying, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name (v. 17).” Jesus told them of the power to overcome the enemy.

The disciples were privileged to see tremendous results and…

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What the New Normal Means for People of Faith

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There’s no question the next fight is religious liberty, as some fear the high court’s marriage ruling will embolden those who seek to punish Christians who wish to live in accordance with their faith. What the New Normal Means for People of Faith

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