An Open Letter From the Dead to the Living

zombie-pres-nixonMy fellow Americans, I write this letter to you today to dispel delusional ideas that run rampant among you. Chief among these is the idea that you possess actual Liberty in any form. You do not. The United States government is more like that of George III of England than anything the founders of this nation envisioned.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, George Mason and Thomas Paine spend their days in a small room playing Whist, disgusted with the burgeoning behemoth that the federal government has become with it’s Byzantine structure and octopus-like tentacles everywhere. Hell, even Abe Lincoln and Jeff Davis spend their days fishing (while James Buchanan and his wife Bill King bait the hooks and spread the picnic lunch) out of utter disgust for the direction America has taken. FDR just laughs and says “You thought I was bad with my social programs!”.

Secondly, the idea you will ever get rid of the current occupant of 1600. He has completely suborned the government to rule by executive fiat instead of governance by legislation. You are no longer citizens, you are subjects. The nation is not governed by Congress as intended but is ruled by the President, as much a monarch as was Henry VIII or George III. Even that half-progressive shrub George W. Bush went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq with the approval of Congress, unlike His Majesty Obama who is engaged in covert wars all throughout the Middle East and North Africa without so much as a by-your-leave to Congress.

We dead cannot see the future but we CAN see the entirety of the past and the mistakes there.

This post is linked at Larwyns Linx, thanks very much Doug Ross!

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2 comments on “An Open Letter From the Dead to the Living
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