Power Plant Music To My Ears

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I’m sure just about everyone does this.  When they look at someone, they occasionally hear music.  Some sort of song that is inspired by the person.  For instance when I look at my mom, I suddenly begin to hear Beethoven’s 5th Symphony (sorry about the advertisements.  Nothing I can do about that).

For those with older browsers that are not able to view video links, I will include the link below the video:  Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.

A few years ago when I was working for Dell, after I had given a thumb drive loaded with the songs I liked to listen to, to a friend of mine, Nina Richburg, when she left our team, she came up to me later and said she had never heard such an eclectic selection of music before.  I told her I knew what she meant.  I had included classical, rock and roll…

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Through Obama’s Eyes: Gun Wielding Man Murders Religious Figure

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The news in brief from Obama

A man in Canada shot and killed a religious figure who was demonstrating his profound commitment to the “religion of peace” by waging war on people not as dedicated to peaceful coexistence as Islamists are, namely those intolerant Canadians.

The man, so-called Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers, shot and killed the man performing his religious duty of jihad. It’s unclear how Vickers obtained a gun under Canada’s strict handgun laws.

Police are investigating.

In related news a hatchet-wielding man, also a member of the religion of peace, attacked police officers in New York City. The city originally said it didn’t believe that the attack by the convert to Islam, who was subsequently shot and killed by police, had any connection to terrorism.

“When asked if the unprovoked attack was tied to terrorism or to recent calls by radicals to attack military and police officers,” reports

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Government: Conduct Same-Sex Wedding or Go to Jail

Silicon Valley company paid Indian employees just $1.21 an hour

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Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 1.06.06 PM

While many Americans fight for the government to increase the minimum wage across the country, one Silicon Valley company has now been penalized for paying some foreign employees dramatically lower wages.

The fine was handed down by the US Department of Labor after it discovered that Electronics for Imaging (EFI) flew eight employees in from its office in Bangalore, India, and paid them the equivalent of $1.21 an hour, the San Jose Mercury News reported this week. The foreign employees were called in to help install computers for the Fremont, California-based company, which paid them in Indian rupees.

Additionally, these employees worked extensive hours – up to 122 hours a week in some cases. They were employed inside of the United States last year from September 8 until December 21.

“We are not going to tolerate this kind of behavior from employers,” said Susana Blanco, district director of the US…

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OKAY,   you will LOVE THIS! :-)

maddowI was trying to find something other than Megyn Kelly tonight;  I am TIRED of the “all the worst news, made WORST by Kelly, all the time” ….am sorry, because I think she can be so good.    Having said that, I was clicking the remote up and own the channels and found:

RACHEL MADDOW!   I’m laughing even thinking about it.. tonight, she had the GALL to RIP into Darryl Issa …COMING UNGLUED over Issa’s hearing because………….READY?  READY?…She asks:


And, the response from anybody with a brain is: “Right!  And what does RON KLAIN have to do with MEDICINE?”    RON KLAIN, lawyer and political activist is leading the ebola fight, he’s the CZAR, but Issa can’t ask QUESTIONS??

I have to say I loved that….. you really have to watch her…

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